Dental Implant Care

Dental Implant Care

Why is it important to clean dental Implants?

Dental implants are metal-based foreign objects which means that dental implants don’t develop cavities the way natural teeth do. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you don’t have to clean your dental implants. Bone loss is caused by the same bacteria which cause cavities. Bone loss can be detrimental to your implant health and causes implants to get loose and possibly fail. By regularly cleaning your dental implants, you remove harmful bacteria from them to prevent bone. This helps keep your implant healthy and sound for life!

How do I clean my dental implant?

Cleaning your dental implants is the same as cleaning natural teeth. Simply brush and floss your implants like you would any other tooth. You might find that dental implants are a little bit harder to clean as compared to natural teeth. This is generally true and is due to the natural bone loss which occurs surrounding all implants. We typically recommend our patients to consider using a Waterpik to assist in cleaning their implants. We recommend a Waterpik over interproximal cleaners because interproximal cleaners could scratch implants whereas water pressure is very safe to use and has no side-effects. If you’re having trouble cleaning your dental implants, consult with Dr. Jazayeri to see how you can address this issue.

Cleaning all-on-four implants

How do I clean my all-on-4 teeth?

All-on-for teeth is a set of porcelain teeth fully supported by four dental implants. Patients with all-on-four teeth have no more natural teeth left so brushing and flossing is not mandatory. In fact, you can skip flossing altogether since all-on-4 teeth is one single piece and cannot be flossed. It’s not a bad idea to keep brushing since brushing stimulates your gums and keeps the porcelain clean. Using a Waterpik is also very effective in dislodging food particles trapped underneath your porcelain bridge. Of course, all-on-4 teeth can always be unscrewed and removed for cleanings and repairs, but you don’t want to do this too often as it can lead to complications. If you need additional help caring for your all-on-four teeth, consult Dr. Jazayeri to have him show you how to better clean your teeth.

How do I clean my implant-supported dentures?

Implant-supported dentures, known as overdentures, are easy to clean since the denture can be removed from your mouth. Clean your dentures as you would clean any regular denture. Use a soft toothbrush with liquid soap to clean your dentures daily. You can also use denture cleaning solutions to soak your dentures in weekly to better remove calcified deposits. Be careful with the denture housings, these are the colorful circles which lock onto your implants. Don’t clean this area too rigorously or you could damage these connectors.

If your overdenture loosens over time, you should visit your dentists. This usually means that you need to have the O-rings replaced, which is a quick and simple appointment. Loose overdentures place unwanted pressures onto the supporting dental implants which could damage the implants over time. Make an appointment with Dr. Jazayeri to see if you’re due replacement O-rings or to learn more about how to properly clean your overdentures.