What is a nightguard?

Nightguard is a prosthesis which sits on top of your teeth to protect them against symptoms of nighttime grinding. Nighttime teeth grinding is typically the result of daytime stress, causing you to subconsciously grind your teeth while asleep. Considering we just about all go through some stressful periods in our lives, it’s no wonder so many people grind their teeth at some point during their lifetime. Wearing a nightguard can protect your teeth against wear-and-tear damage of grinding. Additionally, nightguards also protect your TMJ joint which can reduce or alleviate tension headaches. Nightguards can be bought at the store and fitted by yourself or you may choose to have your dentist custom fabricate one for you.

Teeth Grinding

When should I have my dentist make me a nightguard?

More serious teeth grinders should consider wearing a professionally fabricated nightguard as opposed to an over-the-counter alternative. Over-the-counter nightguards are not as effective for heavy teeth grinders. If you have multiple dental implants or extensive crown and bridge work in your mouth, you should also consider wearing a customized nightguard. Wearing a nightguard will protect your investment as well as reduce the wear which porcelain teeth place onto opposing natural teeth. If you have a heavy bite. history of breaking teeth and crowns or multiple missing teeth, you should also consider wearing a professionally made nightguard. Finally, if you suffer from frequent headaches, this may be caused or exacerbated by your teeth grinding habit and you might be a candidate for wearing a custom nightguard. Schedule a TMJ assessment consultation with Dr. Jazayeri to learn more about teeth grinding and to discover if you’re a good candidate for wearing a custom nightguard.